This week’s issue of Famitsu had a new feature on Fire Emblem Heroes: Three Hopes, and a round of new details were shared. Thanks to Twitter user BlackKite, a bunch of those details were shared. You can find a summary of the information below.

  • Each character will have a preferred class, with some classes being character-exclusive
  • Shez – Fleugel [Exclusive class]; Hubert – Dark Mage; Dedue – Armored Knight; Hilda – Brigand
  • Characters will have Personal Skills, and attack elements will come into play
  • Hubert has dark element magic stabs
  • Hilda can launch thunder element attack
  • Armored Knight class can reduce damage received by nearby allies
  • characters can learn new Combat Arts/Magic by raising the class level
  • each character will have a different learnset even in the same class
  • the cost will take points from Weapon Durability
  • Battalion endurance will deplete every time the leading character takes damage
  • if endurance reaches 0, the buff effect will be gone for the remainder of battle
  • endurance will be replenished in the next battle
  • characters will have support levels
  • other than support conversations, they’ll also add more to stat buffs from attaching Adjutants
  • some sub-quests will reward additional amounts to interactions and training sessions during a turn
  • characters can be sent to do jobs to earn more items and improve support between participants
  • there are several kinds of jobs, and each character will have a different job they excel at
  • Shez can invite two other characters for a meal, and each meal has different buffs
  • meals will also improve morale that allows characters to do more damage in battle

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