Moonstone Island is expected to launch for Switch sometime in 2023. Today, a new trailer showed us that it won’t be coming until after Sept. 20th, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer. Check out the latest trailer for Moonstone Island above.

In Moonstone Island, players take on the role of a young alchemist starting a new life on a floating island in the sky. Armed with simple tools, alchemical recipes, and the ability to tame nature spirits, you’ll build a home and prove yourself as a true alchemist in a land threatened by dark forces.

By day you’ll fly between islands, gathering various resources, crafting different decks, and battling wild spirits to uncover the mysteries of this strange, shattered world. As night falls, you’ll explore its social side, building ties with villagers, taking part in events, and customizing your home to make it your own. Moonstone Island’s procedurally generated world features more than 100 islands to traverse, with a planned 100 spirits to battle and tame, items to craft and farm, relationships to nurture, and secrets to discover.

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