Official Stardew Valley Cookbook in the works

I could really go for some pink cake...

31 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

There have been all sorts of interesting products released in conjunction with the Stardew Valley franchise. Following the game’s astronomical success, we’ve seen official Stardew Valley apparel, plush dolls, keychains, and even a board game adaptation. Apparently next up on the list is something home cooks can really sink their teeth into.

Stardew Valley creator Concerned Ape has announced The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook, and it’s set to release sometime in Spring 2024. The artwork above is the only sneak peek we have at the book itself, and it was designed by Kari Fry, the same person who put together the Stardew Valley Guidebook.

As for what you’ll find inside the Official Stardew Valley Cookbook, you can expect 50 different mouthwatering recipes. Specific recipes revealed so far include pink cake, salad, and the strange bun. We’ll bring you the full breakdown of what else this book includes once the details are shared.

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