It is time, trainers! The long awaited Mewtwo Tera Raid battle is here and this is your chance to beat and catch yours! The Mewtwo Tera Raid event runs until September 17th at 23:59 UTC.

Below there are some details:

  • The Star Level is 7.
  • It has the Psychic Tera Type.
  • You can only catch Mewtwo once per save file
  • If you use Mew in this Tera Raid Battle, they will receive a stat boost for the battle.

Other details:

  • Ability Capsule Ability Capsule *1 (5%)
  • Ability Patch Ability Patch *1 (2%)
  • PP Up PP Up *3 (5%)
  • Bottle Cap Bottle Cap *2 (5%)
  • Modest Mint Modest Mint *1 (11%)
  • Psychic Tera Shard Psychic Tera Shard *5 (10%)

If you’d like to see all this even has to offer, head over to Serebii by clicking here!

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