A new round of character and episode DLC has been shared for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, and it’s set to arrive sometime in September.

Fans can look forward to Kaido, Yamato and Onigashima Battle Luffy joining the action alongside the “Battle of Onigashima” Pack, which still doesn’t have a solid release date. You can see these characters and more in action via the video above. Please note that Bandai Namco also previously announced that two additional downloadable content packs are in the works, and they feature three characters each.

Along with the character DLC reveal, we also learned that 3 additional episodes are planned, and they will be sold individually or via an “Additional Episodes Pack” bundle. The first episode, “Additional Episode #1: ‘Yamato’s Logbook’ & Soul Sea Map 1,” takes you on a journey with Yamato, whose bible is “Oden’s Logbook,” through various stages. “Soul Sea Map 1” will offer new skills and strengthen characters beyond the limits of their stats and existing skills.

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