Mega Cat Studios has announced plans to launch a Kickstarter to bring Graveyard Dude to the NES. This Kickstarter will launch on Oct. 12th, 2023 and aims to secure funding for a physical NES release. Details on the funding goal and more are yet to be revealed, but you can sign up for more info on the Kickstarter here.

The dead have risen, but cemetery guardian Henry the Knight didn’t get the memo! He awakens to find the cemetery in shambles, graves and bones in disarray. Help Henry navigate the mess, and clean up by returning everything to its final resting place.

Graveyard Dude is a top-view box-pusher puzzle game for the NES. Play as Henry, the legendary cemetery guardian on the evening the dead arise. Help him return coffins back into the earth, dispel loitering ghosts and make your way through the graveyard by collect keys and skulls.


  • Navigate a path through the graveyard, and return the disinterred coffins to their proper resting place.
  • Collect keys to unlock doors, and grab errant skulls to unblock the exit staircase.
  • Death might be permanent, but Henry’s REWIND ability allows you to go back in time to undo moves!
  • Beware of loitering ghosts who block your path, dispel them with magic charms as you make your way through the graveyard.
  • Speedrun your way to cover up the apocalyptic mess, and be visually rewarded for how fast you complete the clean up.
  • Cheat codes available once you beat the game!
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