Slave Zero X comes to Switch Feb. 21st, 2024

Taking a stab at early next year

12 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Ziggurat and developer Poppy Works have finally confirmed a release date for Slave Zero X. After months of trailers and teasers, we now know that Slave Zero X will make its way to Switch on Feb. 21st, 2023. This news was confirmed via a new trailer that you can watch above.

Slave Zero X is a stylish 2.5D character action game set in the biopunk world of Slave Zero (1999). Run & Slash your way through a dystopian future in this character action game which will resonate with fans of Devil May Cry, Strider, and Guilty Gear.

From the top of Megacity S1-9, the Sovereign Khan rules with fists of iron and flesh. Beneath the city’s rotting foundations, a vengeful warrior embarks on a journey to murder him. 4 years prior to the events of Slave Zero, Slave Zero X brings new life to a world where horrific, living machines known as Slaves are primed to become the latest tools of war in humanity’s long and bloody history. A secret band of warriors known as The Guardians hope to stop these biomecha from being unleashed upon the world, but one swordsman among their ranks has a different idea: use the enemy’s own weapon against them. By merging with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, Shou will become a furious Devil in pursuit of killing a false God.

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