The original Cattails came to Switch back in 2018 and gave Switch owners a chance to play as a feral cat that roams the expansive wilderness. That game was a big hit, and a sequel is now in the works; Cattails: Wildwood Story. While that title won’t come to Switch until sometime in 2024, today brings us a new trailer to see how things are coming along.

Lead your colony of cats into the mysterious Wildwood. Stalk prey to find food, defend your new home from dark intruders, and discover fresh herbs & ancient treasures. Build a thriving town for all cats to call home. Get to know the residents, fall in love, and raise a litter of kittens!

Become a cat! Experience life as a feral feline in a strange wilderness. Prowl through dense forests, murky swamps, rocky highlands, and sandy beaches in search of rare herbs and delicious prey. Build and customize your colony’s base of operations and attract new residents to grow a prosperous community. Meet a personality-filled cast of unique cats and bring back gifts from your travels to make friends!

Life in the Wildwood is constant give and take: there is both a bounty of resources to harvest and endless challenges to overcome. Under the dark eaves of the trees, sinister shadows lurk, ready to strike at the unwary. You must protect your colony from the threat that lies at the heart of the land.

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