Days of Doom annihilates the Switch today

It's time for Doom's partrol

21 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Days of Doom is a tactical turn-based roguelite set in an unorthodox post-apocalyptic world. It reinvents a tried-and-true formula, adding quirky characters, unexpected enemies, and intense, engaging combat set against a vibrant and eerie backdrop.

Defying the conventional notions of the end times, Days of Doom is a thrilling post-apocalyptic odyssey set in a colorful, chaotic world where zombies, raiders, zombie raiders, and mutant lizards roam free. You’ll embark on an epic journey to navigate a treacherous wasteland and reach sanctuary amidst the rubble. Armed with a humble group of uniquely skilled survivors, you must strategically maneuver through hordes of undead and other threatening adversaries, manage hard-earned resources, and devise tactics that will allow you to outsmart the undead and mutated swarms.

Mastering the art of turn-based combat is essential to survival in this tortured realm. Each archetypal character class possesses unique abilities that, when skillfully employed, can turn the tide of battle. Kickstart the chaos with Pyro, setting foes ablaze for lingering damage. Unleash the unstoppable duo of Hydromancer and Thrasher, a formidable pair drenching enemies with watery assaults and delivering electrifying surprises. Though the odds seem insurmountable, strategic utilization of each class’ talents, combined with timely upgrades and new abilities, is the key to overcoming the undead (or otherwise disturbing) menaces.

Prepare for endless surprises and relentless challenges, as no two runs in Days of Doom are ever the same. The procedurally generated landscape and the unpredictability of enemy encounters ensure each playthrough offers a fresh opportunity to hone your survival skills, pushing you to the top of your game.

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