Microids is have announced that Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission will be available today on Nintendo Switch.

Discover or rediscover Operation Wolf, the cult arcade game released, developed and published by TAITO in 1987, which left its mark on a whole generation of gamers as one of the first games to feature a horizontal scrolling rail shooter.

Developed by the French studio Virtuallyz Gaming, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission remains faithful to the spirit of the original game, while premiering a new artistic direction. Players will find themselves transported back to the world of 80s action films, thanks to a gameplay focused entirely on non-stop action.

In its solo or coop campaign, play as a special agent fighting a new criminal organization. In addition to arms and drug trafficking, the organization, led by the mysterious General Viper, has developed a powerful new weapon. After discovering several of its bases, you will be sent to dismantle the organization, destroy the weapon and free the hostages held captive in surrounding camps.

Game features:

  • Comeback of the 1987 cult arcade game!
  • New art style
  • Non-stop action
  • A 6-level campaign that can be played by one or two players
  • A survival mode (endless waves of enemies)
  • A full blown arsenal (smg, shotgun, grenade launcher…)

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