Square Enix’s Masterline of statues is about as premium as you can get, and they have a price tag to match. These statues are for the diehard collectors who have an incredible amount of spare change to spend, and today we get an up-close-and-personal look at the unboxing and assembly of one such figure.

Today brings us a video showcasing the Square Enix Masterline Final Fantasy VI 1/6 scale statue. This unbelievable statue features Terra Branford riding the game’s iconic Magitek Armor. The statue measures 78 centimeters (30.7 inches) tall and only 600 units worldwide, with each one Individually numbered for added authenticity.

Under the supervision of Yoshitaka Amano and using the originally illustrated key art of FINAL FANTASY VI as a motif, the beloved character and machine have been sculpted in high detail. Collaborating with Prime 1 Studio, a leading Japanese statue maker, this timeless work of art is brought to life.

Along with the main body part included is an alternate upper body part, which allows for a variety of expressions. The distinct form of the Magitek Armor has also been faithfully reproduced. The intricate mechanical details and distinctions in luster have been uncompromisingly reflected, giving it a convincing and unquestionable presence as a three-dimensional sculpture.

Some of the lovable Moogles, the game’s memorable mascots, are also included to add a touch of the game’s lighthearted moments to this robust sculpture. Their addition, along with the FINAL FANTASY VI logo plate, allows for further display variation and more fun.

The Square Enix Masterline Final Fantasy VI 1/6 scale statue has completely sold out and will be shipping to customers in November 2023. Each one of those 600 customers spent a whopping $13,800 to land one of these suckers!

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