For the first time in Pikmin Bloom, today Niantic is welcoming a regional exclusive new Decor Pikmin: the Fortune Decor Pikmin! These Decor Pikmin can be found in the vicinity of Shrines and Temples throughout Japan, and they wear fortune-telling paper slips known as “omikuji” on their heads.

Fortune Decor is available for Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin only, and comes in 5 different variations for each. All will be recorded in your Decor Pikmin Collection. The Decor Pikmin Collection will initially display only 3 silhouettes. More will be added as you find Decor for different variations.

Physical “omikuji” can typically be purchased at places of worship for a small fee, and they indicate your overall luck, as well as more detailed information about your luck in areas such as love, health, and money, among others. They’re usually written in Japanese, but some popular shrines and temples also offer omikuji papers in English!

The “Omikuji” in Pikmin Bloom come in 5 different categories for luck: “Daikichi” (Great Blessing), “Chukichi” (Middle Blessing), “Shokichi” (Small Blessing), “Kichi” (Blessing), and “Suekichi” (Future Blessing).

If you’re not currently living in Japan, the Fortune Decor Pikmin makes for an amazing souvenir of your travels! Do not forget to pick up a few seedlings if you ever visit the country. Niantic says to expect other exclusive regional Decor to be released in the future.

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