Were you thinking about going the physical route with Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition on Switch? If so, you might want to snag a microSD card while you’re at it.

The packaging for Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition has appeared in the wild, and the back of the box gives us a peek at something physical fans dread; a required download. According to the box’s info breakdown, players will need at least 62GB of space in order to play this release. As you know, the Switch itself only has 32GB, while the Switch OLED has 64. Even if you have an OLED, chances of being able to squeeze Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition onto it are incredibly slim.

Over on the Switch eShop, things get even more confusing. The digital listing for Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition notes that you’ll need 6.7GB of space. If that’s the case for the digital listing, there’s either a printing error on the physical Switch release, or there’s a very hefty follow-up download once you get the base files for Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition on your Switch.

UPDATE: The official Borderlands X account has clarified the situation, and they seem to indicate that the 62GB mention on the back of the box isn’t exactly correct. You can see the full message from the dev team below.

We’re seeing technically incorrect reports that Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition file size on Switch is 62 GB. Actual file size is 23.5 GB We had to submit a file size at packaging time but kept working to optimize it. Exact breakdown:

  • Total: 23.5 GB
  • Base game: 8.5 GB
  • DLC: 15 GB

Borderlands 3 on Nintendo Switch is set up so that all DLC can be installed individually, where you can choose what to add to your game.


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10M ago

That's insane. The eShop listing has fine print that reads as follows:

Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition requires download of at least 11.57GB and up to 26.59GB with free add-on content. microSD required (sold separately).

So... who knows?


10M ago

According to the official Nintendo website the total download size is 6846 MB:

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10M ago

I sure hope Nintendo's next console has a good solution planned for large games that doesn't just require huge downloads.


10M ago

That's much better. I'm glad they clarified.