There’s been a ton of talk about the art style of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, as it’s full of all kinds of neat animations, expressions and so much more. It’s quite the change when compared to the ‘New’ series of games, and one that pretty much every fan is excited about.

Some fans have been speculating where the direction for this new art style came from, with many pointing to classic entries in the Mario series. Turns out that speculation was correct, as art director Masanobu Sato confirmed in an interview with Game Informer.

“If I had to choose, the artwork and pixel art from past Super Mario Bros. games has had an impact on this game. For example, you can find tons of clues hidden in past artwork where the artist sadly and regrettably had to give up depicting certain details due to technical constraints of the hardware. Updating these so that they hold up as modern entertainment was a big challenge for the artists.”

[art director Masanobu Sato]

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