PlatinumGames has been sharing Bayonetta 3 development blogs for a number of months now, and apparently they still have more to say. Yet another development blog has been released today, and this one offers more insight into the game’s music.

This blog in particular is penned by Seiji Hotta, composer, arranger, and cutscene music director for Bayonetta 3. While there have been other Bayonetta 3 dev blogs on the topic of music, this one hones in on the tunes you’ll hear in the game’s many cut-scenes.

According to Hotta, the concept for the music in the game’s cutscenes was based around two themes. One was that they “be connected to Bayonetta 1 and 2”. The other was “hinting at the final scene of the story by utilizing the melody of the main theme ‘We Are As One’”. To learn more about how the sound design team achieved this, check out the full blog.

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