Dementium: The Ward goes crazy on Switch today

Hope you like padded cells

12 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Dementium: The Ward, the award winning survival horror experience returns from the dead on Switch today. Built from the ground up for Switch, Dementium: The Ward combines smooth first-person shooter gameplay with a demented tale of mystery and terror.

You wake up in an abandoned hospital with nothing. No memory. No clues. No way out. What the hell is going on? You step into the darkness. You are not alone. Strange creatures roam the corridors.

Deranged puzzles lead you through a twisted maze of locked doors. You find a flashlight, weapons, pills, and ammunition - all convieniently placed along your path. Who is orchestrating this nightmare? Will you discover the truth? Will you escape? Will you survive?

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9M ago

I was a fan of this game on DS and 3DS, but this Switch version just looks to be a lazy port. Was Jools involved with this port? I know he used to post here back in the 3DS and Wii U days, I'd like to hear him explain the thought process behind 240p resolution and the lack of gyro aiming. I thought there was an unwritten rule somewhere that when you bring a first-person shooter to Switch, you make sure it supports gyro aiming. Not that he or anyone involved with this port owes us any sort of explanation, but this is just...disappointing. There are far better ways to spend $20 in the eShop.

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