Chris Remo’s score for Gone Home isn’t just ambiance; it’s a vibrant and flourishing character in itself. The album is a journey — one of loss, love and mystery — that unravels without words. There is an evocative intimacy to the music, expressed with both subtlety and occasional swells of grandeur, while always remaining grounded in humanity. Over its 32 minute run, you’ll become so lost in its loveliness that when complete, it’ll seem like days have passed.

This very special 10th Anniversary Edition of the Gone Home vinyl soundtrack will remind you of why the game is such an unforgettable experience, featuring the complete soundtrack on 180g audiophile black vinyl, as well as a bonus digital download code for the music.

The stunning original album art from Leighton Gray, Faith Schaffer and Noël Clark is back for the 10th anniversary pressing, but with an all-new obi strip created to celebrate a decade of Gone Home’s incredible impact on the medium of video games.

Put this album on and return to a time & place you can never forget. You’ll be able to place your pre-order come Oct. 19th, 2023 at 9 AM PT.

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