The Legend of Heroes: Trails 'Tio Plato' figurine revealed

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19 October 2023
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From the popular series The Legend of Heroes by Nihon Falcom, Tio Plato, a member of Crossbell Police Department’s Special Support Section, will finally be released for the first time as a scale figure!

Tio Plato comes to life in her outfit from Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure, where since the establishment of the Special Support Section, she tackled many difficult cases in the Crossbell State.

With signature cat-ear hairband and distinctive chest armor, the figure captures her looking over with a cool expression, perfectly recreating all of Tio’s charms just like in the series.

Kotobukiya’s The Legend of Heroes 1/8 scale ‘Tio Plato’ figurine is priced at $139.50 and international pre-orders are now open.

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