Omega Strikers has been updated to Ver. 3.1.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

[NEW] Clarion Test Chamber

Deep underground below Clarion Corp HQ hides Rasmus’ private Corestrike Arena. However, there’s more to this technological marvel than a simple love for the sport. Here is where Rasmus and Clarion Corp’s Director of Special Projects, Nao are testing the effects of Omega energy on humans. They’ve found a way to replicate the magic and technologies of some of the League’s strongest strikers, and now they’re using those powers to push the players to their limit…

The Test Chamber is an indoor Arena with 5 different ‘variants.’ Before each round, the Arena morphs into a new variant, changing its terrain and incorporating a new mechanic based on the powers of other strikers. After each Set, the variants reset!

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