Singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera has already made her love of Nintendo known through her recent Switch commercials, but now she’s talking more about her passion for one title in particular, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, she described how she uses Nintendo to decompress while on tour, and how her gaming roots go back to her childhood with her sister.

Aguilera says she was “always raised on Nintendo” and that games are an activity she shares with her sister, Rachel. When the pair were growing up, Aguilera says they would come home from school and feel compelled to practice and improve their strategies. “Because it’s not just about gaming and it being just a fun game; you really get into the competitiveness of it,” says the singer. “It leads to so much laughter.”

While the Nintendo Switch is what Aguilera takes these days when she’s out and about, her gaming set-up used to be considerably more involved. “Before, I used to be a lot,” she says, laughing. “I literally had a road case that was set up with a television inside of it that you could unlock in the concert venues or arenas, and [it] had a whole Nintendo set up in it,” she recalls.

“Now that you have the Nintendo Switch that you can just pick right up and take on an airplane if you want to and play, or whereever your travels may take you, it’s such a great source of on-the-go fun, which my lifestyle calls for a lot.”

Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is: Who are Christina Aguilera’s favorite Mario characters? Her answer does not disappoint:

“I love character voices,” she says. “Sometimes, me and my sister — we go for the characters that have the most interesting voices. My sister is Waluigi and I’m Wario. They can get really snarky with each other and they’re just the funniest characters.”

Turns out the Aguilera sisters are team Wario/Waluigi, a choice we can all respect. Aguilera even shows interest in voicing a Nintendo character down the line, whether that be in a game or in an animated movie. Could she turn up in a cameo role voicing one of the two in an upcoming Mario movie? As we all know, stranger casting choices have happened!

Click here to read the full piece from The Hollywood Reporter. Remember, the next time you go up against a Wario player in Mario Kart 8 online, it could very well be Christina Aguilera trying to relax before her next set (no pressure).

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