Bandai Namco previously announced that Dragon Ball Card Warriors, the card game included in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, was coming to an end sometime in 2023. Today, we’ve learned the official end date for the game, which is set for Oct. 30th, 2023. Remember, while the online service is coming to a close, an offline version of the game with CPU battles will see release on the same day as well.

For Dragon Ball Card Warriors players were are sad to see the game go, the good news is that you’ll still be able to use profiles and cards via a data transfer function, but not everything will move over. Here’s what will and won’t make the cut transfer-wise.

Dragon Ball Card Warriors – Transferable items in the offline version

  • Owned Cards
  • Deck Info
  • Coins
  • Card Points
  • Gasha tickets (Card/Pack/Rare Pack/Premium Pack)
  • Leader Icon
  • Title
  • Progress of the “Main Game Connection Mission”
  • Card Sleeves
  • Playing Mat
  • Card Gallery

Dragon Ball Card Warriors – Items that cannot be transferred in the offline version

  • Platinum coins in possession
  • Battle Level
  • Rank
  • Progress in Training Battle
  • Title/Leader Icon settings on profile page
  • Progress in missions other than “Main Game Connection Mission”
  • Unreceived mission rewards
  • Unreceived gifts

All Platinum Coins, including those purchased for a fee, will not be transferred. If you currently have Platinum Coins that you have paid for, make sure to spend them.

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