P.3 now available on Switch

All style, all substance

29 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

P.3, the stylish shmup, has made its way to Switch today. The game’s regular price sits at $5, but thanks to a 60% limited-time launch discount, you can grab it for just $2.

In P.3, you sit behind the steering wheel of a spaceship and save the galaxy from alien invaders! This retro vertical shoot ‘em up with a twist requires just two buttons to play!

While piloting your ship, steer left and right and watch enemies shoot at you. If you don’t move your ship and simply let it fly forward, enemies won’t fire a single shot. You can even push left and right simultaneously to fire an alternative weapon. It sounds extremely simple, but in reality, you’re in for quite a challenge!

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