The Brawlhalla Championship Expo kicks off this Friday, November 3rd. If you haven’t purchased your ticket for the event, you may still purchase Spectators Passes online at BCX.LIVE and at the door of the event for a higher fee. For more information about BCX, click here. We are so excited to put on an event that you’ll remember forever!

For those who will be watching from home, you can tune in on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook! Have you already snagged snacks for the tournament weekend? 🍿🍬🧃

Battle Pass Season 8: Terminus has run its 12-week course. Hope you enjoyed your time completing Missions as much as we did. Keep an eye on our socials, because we won’t be without a Battle Pass for long! Battle Pass Classic Season 3: Jötunn Winter’s Return will make its… return soon!

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