Gunman Clive dev shares early footage of what could become Gunman Clive 3

"maaaybe this is actually happening, but no promises"

02 November 2023
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Gunman Clive has come quite a ways since its humble beginnings on the 3DS and other platforms in 2012. Since then, its been brought to consoles like the Switch and received one full blown sequel.

Now, developer Bertil Hörberg is teasing the possibility of a third game on his Twitter account. Today, he even showed off some genuine gameplay footage he’s been testing:

As you can see in the above clip, this new gameplay footage shows Clive facing off against a lumberjack-like boss who chops down wood and flings it to inflict damage. According to Hörberg this is very early footage, as he only began working on the project three weeks ago. He suggests fans temper their expectations, stating that he’s “aiming for a bit bigger than GC2 with more detailed graphics so who knows how long it’ll take even assuming I can stick with it without getting burned out”.

So as exciting as the possibility of a new Gunman Clive game is, it sounds like this is by no means a sure thing. If you scroll through Hörberg’s recent Twitter posts, you’ll see that he’s been experimenting with some tech demos and using Gunman Clive as a framework, but it might not actually become a full game.

What would you like to see in a third Gunman Clive game? Stay tuned here and to Hörberg’s Twitter account to see if any more juicy details are unveiled in the months to come.

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