Shortly after Pikmin 4’s launch, IGN caused a bit of a stir with a discussion on the IGN NVC Podcast. While the crew loved the game, they seemed to believe that it wasn’t selling well at all. As a matter of fact, one person in the crew believed the situation to be so dire that we’d never see the release of a Pikmin 5. Today we finally have the data to check in on that speculation.

Nintendo has released their Q2 2024 fiscal results, and it gave us the first chance to see how Pikmin 4 did with Switch owners. Pikmin 4 released in late July 2023, and Nintendo’s Q2 report includes sales figures up to Sept. 30th, 2023. That gives us roughly 9+ weeks of sales numbers to work with, and the end result is already incredibly impressive.

In less than 3 months, Pikmin 4 has become the best-selling Pikmin game in the entire franchise. You name a Pikmin game on any platform and Pikmin 4 has beaten it. The previous record-holder was Pikmin 3 Deluxe, which reached 2.23 million units sold. As of Sept. 30th, 2023, Pikmin 4 managed to move 2.61 million units. There’s no doubt the title is considerably higher by now!

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9M ago

I still like 2 more but 4 was a real banger too, that's for sure.


9M ago

And I liked 3 more than 4. But I'm glad 4 is doing well, and hopefully it brings us more Pikmin fun in the future.


9M ago

I can't wait to play this game - on the Nintendo's new console.

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