Today, Maximum Entertainment publisher Merge Games and developer Underbite are excited to reveal that a physical edition will be available for fantasy fishing RPG ‘Whisker Waters’ on Switch in early 2024. Set in a bright and enchanting world under threat of a mysterious darkness, take on the role of a young kitty with an enormous responsibility.

Customize your character and set out on an adventure, developing your angling skills as you go with plenty of fresh fish to catch and a variety of unique fishing tools and techniques.

For many years, the bears, birds and cats lived together in harmony. Adventurers known as Fish Rangers, who used rod and reel as their primary tools, served their communities and united the townsfolk.

Unleashing conflict and plague on the people of the land, the Fish Rangers rallied to the source and halted the spread – diligently the Rangers remained on guard, as generations and slowly faded away into legend.

Now, inspired by stories of the legendary rangers, one young kitty looks to carve out of a tale of their own.

Explore a vibrant and wholesome world with an exciting new chapter around every corner, as you set out to expand your skills and master the art of fishing. With tons of different fish, tools and techniques to learn, reconnect the 4 regions, reunite the townsfolk and becoming a living legend!

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