Pokémon Co. offers Mega Garchomp Pokémon GO Raid Battle Tips

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10 November 2023
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Mega Garchomp is a Dragon- and Ground-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region. According to its Pokédex entries, Mega Garchomp’s excess energy melted its arms and wings, transforming them into giant scythes. Mega Garchomp is making its Pokémon GO debut on November 12, 2023.

As a Dragon- and Ground-type Pokémon, Mega Garchomp is vulnerable to Dragon-, Fairy-, and Ice-type attacks. But it’s worth noting that Mega Garchomp is doubly weak to Ice-type attacks, meaning that Pokémon with Ice-type attacks should be your first choice for raid battles against Mega Garchomp.

When choosing six Pokémon for your Mega Garchomp Raid Battle lineup, it’s important to choose Pokémon that have a Dragon-, Fairy-, or Ice-type Fast Attack and Charged Attack if you want to deal maximum damage as quickly as possible. It’s not necessary to choose only Dragon-, Fairy-, and Ice-type Pokémon, but a Pokémon that shares a type with these attacks will benefit from a same-type attack bonus, which will allow these attacks to deal an additional 20% damage.

If you have multiple Pokémon that fit the correct type and moveset profile, choose the Pokémon with the highest CP and best overall stats. Remember that speed of victory is one of the factors that determine how many Premier Balls you will receive at the conclusion of a successful Raid Battle, so it makes sense to go into this raid with the most powerful Pokémon team possible.

To learn more on how to best utilize Mega Garchomp, check out the official Pokémon Co. feature here.

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