Kairosoft has announced that they’ll be bringing their game Dream Town Island to the Switch next week. This is a sim game in which you’ll be able to develop your own town and manage the lives of all your townsfolk.

Dream Town Island will officially make its debut on the eShop on November 16, 2023 for a price of $12. From now until the end of the month, there will also be a small discount, bringing the price to $10.80. For more info, you can watch the Japanese trailer up top, or check out the game’s official description below.

Give free reign to your creativity in this inventive town sim! Unlock new stores and facilities, help your residents find love, or cash in on the stock market!

If you founded a new town on an uninhabited island, what would you build there? Restaurants? Convenience Stores? Movie theaters? Make your choices and create a town that everyone will want to move to!

As you develop your town further, you’ll unlock new stores and facilities, helping you attract new citizens. Residents of your town can spend their whole lives there – they can find jobs, get married, and even have kids. How many generations can you support? Walking isn’t the only way to get around town – residents can travel in style using cars, bikes, and even UFOs!

There’s also a wide variety of pets available, including staples like cats and dogs as well as more out-there options. Ever wanted an elephant in your backyard? We’ve got you covered.

No space to build more stuff? No problem! Reclaim land off the coast, then customize the terrain’s height and design it to create a region that perfectly fits your tastes!

Get started building the city of your dreams today!

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