Lawson and Ichiban Kuji Online stores have kicked off the “Ichiban Kuji Kirby 30th Anniversary Deluxe Collection,” which includes eight types of Kirby products fans can have a chance to win. The lineup is as follows:

  • A Prize: Victory Dance! Alarm clock
  • B Prize: Twinkle☆ anniversary plush
  • C Prize: Spring Breeze☆ mascot (3 variations)
  • D Prize: Riding on the Spring Breeze☆ glass collection (6 variations)
  • E Prize: Commemorative design towel ~Start of an adventure~ (7 variations)
  • F Prize: Key motif charm ~I won’t forget this memory~ (6 variations)
  • Last One Prize: Always best friends calendar
  • Double Chance Campaign: Victory Dance! Alarm clock (30 total)

The Ichiban Kuji Kirby 30th Anniversary Deluxe Collection requires 650 JPY per try.

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2y ago

I would totally buy that clock if they sold it. The Kirby sucking up the Waddle Dee is a bit disturbing though ;)