Join Mojang as they boldly go where they’ve never gone before and take a closer look at trial chambers! Trial chambers are a sprawling structure coming as part of the 1.21 update. Packed with traps, trial spawners, mobs, loot, and more, the first iteration of trial chambers are available for testing now, so why not take a sneak peek at the blocks you’ll find, and the mobs you’ll meet?

The trial chamber is a structure packed with new adventures and filled with traps, trial spawners, mobs, and (as an extra bonus) treasure! Trial chambers are procedurally generated, which means you’ll face a new challenge every time you venture into them, and find something different behind each door! Explore deeper and deeper and you might find yourself stumbling across resources that’ll help you, or mobs that’ll hinder you. The trial chambers are also home to a playful (and dangerous) hostile mob: the breeze!

The breeze leaps dizzying circles around its opponent, and attacks using rapid blasts of wind that’ll blow you away if you’re not fast enough! These playful mobs might look cute, but you’ll need a unique strategy to deal with them, as well as a lot of bravery (or perhaps that’s just me? Ok, I’ll need a lot of bravery – hostile mobs are scary!) The breeze is sure to be a challenge for even seasoned survivalists, especially when you consider that trial chambers are also full of traps…

The trial spawner is a cunning device that spews out a number of mobs based on the size of your adventuring party, which means it scales the challenge (and the reward!) to the number of players facing it. The blocks around the trial spawner can also hint at which mobs might spawn!

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