Surprising absolutely no one, Nintendo Switch Sports managed to take first place for its debut on the UK software charts. We don’t have the weekly top 10 numbers just yet, but we’re certain Nintendo Switch Sports topped every other release.

To put things in perspective, Nintendo Switch Sports sold just under half of what Wii Sports Resort managed in the UK, but significantly better than Wii Sports HD. Even without numbers, that placement makes a lot of sense knowing the history of Wii and Wii U. Also, don’t forget that Nintendo Switch Sports sales in the UK are definitely bigger overall, as the weekly charts don’t include digital sales.

Furthermore, Nintendo Switch Sports sold more than double what Mario Party Superstars managed at launch, eight times what Just Dance 2022 achieved at launch, and six times what Ring Fit Adventure did at launch. These titles are all long-tail sellers that reached great success after launch, and there’s no doubt Nintendo Switch Sports will do the same.

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2y ago

I played Switch Sports last night with siblings at a family gathering and it was great fun. Definitely brought back Wii Sports vibes.


2y ago

I didn't even know there was a Wii Sports HD