The latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift, is here, and with it comes lots of incredible new Pokémon artwork. Join Pokémon Co. for a look at some of the illustrations that caught their eye in this expansion, including an artist spotlight and more!

Whether depicting Pokémon or human characters, artist Cona Nitanda is quite adept at injecting their subject with loads of personality. Just look at this Morpeko card. While exploring the woods at night, we’ve stumbled across the Two-Sided Pokémon while it’s in Hangry Mode, and it’s none too happy about the intrusion. The little Pokémon’s fierce red eyes and scowl as it looks over its shoulder perfectly capture that moment of surprise and anger.

On the opposite end of that mood scale is Parasol Lady, who looks as happy as can be. Despite the weather, things look bright and cheerful, suggesting a gentle spring shower. Nitanda’s Parasol Lady gets a chance to shine even more on this ultra rare card. Once again, this Trainer is unfazed by the rainy weather thanks to her sunny smile (and, we suppose, her trademark parasol). The detail of the multicolored field of flowers she’s walking through makes the scene even more pleasant.

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