There’s seemingly no end to the tricks and techniques discoverable by players in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The latest find comes from FilthmasterRich on Reddit, and it involves some creative usage of Link’s Recall ability.

As demonstrated in this video, Rich uses the Recall ability, a Zonai cannon fused weapon, and several bombs, in order to create a quick, satisfying explosion capable of taking out multiple enemies at once. The process involves tossing the weapon straight up in order to produce a volatile Zonai cannonball, but then immediately switching weapons in order to cancel that cannonball’s animation. This allows him to quickly use Recall to hold it in place, during which time he drops the bombs from his inventory. Then, as soon as Recall is cancelled, the cannonball interacts with the bombs and results in a big kaboom.

The trick also requires the use of an item like White Chuchu Jelly in order to freeze enemies in place while all this is being set up. Is it the most practical way to defeat Bokoblins in the wild? Probably not, but it definitely looks cool.

Click here to see the video of this technique in action. Who knows what fancy attack method Tears of the Kingdom players will come up with next!

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