Nintendo Switch Sports is all about the multiplayer. Whether online or off, you’ll most likely spend a ton of time playing the game with others. If that gameplay is going to involve a lot of local co-op, there’s a little caveat related to unlockables that you might want to know about.

Say you and your significant other are playing some co-op in Nintendo Switch Sports. When you hop into online co-op, you’ll obviously be earning a bunch of cosmetic unlockables. The thing is, those unlockables are going to be limited if both players don’t have a Nintendo Switch Online account.

For those with Nintendo Switch Online, your unlockables aren’t limited at all. If your co-op buddy doesn’t have Nintendo Switch Online associated with their account, then unlockables will be capped at just two a week. If you want to make sure both players earn the same amount of unlockables, both will have to have a Nintendo Switch Online account.

The obvious way to fix this is to switch your Nintendo Switch Online subscription from solo to family, but that includes spending $15 more a year. Not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but still a bothersome solution.


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