The Splatoon Research Lab is back with another update on Splatoon 3’s Chill Season 2023, which kicks off Dec. 1st, 2023. We already know the new season brings a ton of fresh content with it, but today brings us some more specifics on what to expect.

First up is news of the returning Triple Splashdown special. It’s an older special that’s been modified, letting this bad boy generate two massive fists made of ink that allow the player to jump and splash down alongside them. If you’re on the receiving end, watch out for areas where the explosions overlap. You can try to splat the player who’s activating the special—or the giant fists—but if you don’t get all three of them, there’s still going to be some significant splatter.


Next up are the Enperry Splat Dualies! This new loadout is a collab with the Enperry fashion brand, and the set includes Curling Bombs and the new Triple Splashdown detailed above. Nothing like sneaking behind enemy lines before unleashing it!


Last is the Custom Blaster, a base Blaster that’s been upgraded with custom parts. Does it do more damage or fire differently? No, but it does come with the Point Sensor to help suss out enemies and the Triple Splashdown to obliterate them!

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