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This past Wednesday in Kissimmee, Florida, more than a dozen police units responded to a call from a local Target about a theft by individuals in an unmarked vehicle.

Police reported two men wearing “masks and hoodies” leaving their vehicle and entering the store. The Target Loss Prevention Supervisor stated the individuals stole a pizza and multiple Pokémon card packs.

“While on the phone with me, [a Target employee] confirmed the two suspects exited the store without paying for a pizza and multiple packs of Pokémon cards. Target desires prosecution for the theft…

I later reviewed the video surveillance which confirmed the two suspects selected an empty Target shopping bag, multiple packs of Pokémon cards and a pizza; all which were concealed and not paid for by the suspects.”

[Police Report]

There was no information on the affidavit as to whether the suspects were armed. All we know is that contact was attempted with the unmarked vehicle before a takedown was initiated, which then led into the police opening fire.

Two officers shot one man, who later died at the hospital, while three others were injured. Two more suspects (18 and 19) were sent to the hospital, then charged with petty theft.

Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez had this to say on the matter.

“I believe my deputies are justified in all their actions…I have the utmost – 200% trust – in everything they do based on their training and their experience. Things escalate. This is the real world.”

[Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez]

We offer our condolences to the friends and family of the individual who lost their life in this event. The loss of life is a serious matter, so once again, we humbly request that those commenting on this article treat the subject matter with respect.

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2y ago

They were caught on camera... The cops could have done their jobs, and actually investigate it, they could have charged them with Petty theft. Gunning people down as crime happens isn't it. No one needed to die over this. I've stolen magic cards and candy years ago and death is not a consequence on a kids mind when misbehaving like this.


2y ago

America is crazy with their guns. That wouldn't happen in Ireland. Regular police aren't armed and like probably 99% of the population don't own guns. It's probably just farmers and people that go hunting that own them. Very strict controls over them. Of course some criminals have access to arms.

But this is a very sad incident. To be killed, could have been more people, over pizza and Pokémon cards. There's no mention of the teenagers being armed, so why shoot them? I read elsewhere that the vehicle didn't even make it out of the parking lot. A dozen police units responded to the incident. I think they could have handled the situation a million times better. I don't know how many officers were at the scene but how come other officers didn't shoot? It's sad to lose a life over something so petty. That's what the other teenagers have been changed with, petty theft. The crime was small, but taking a life shouldn't be so cheap.