With less than a month left in 2023, temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere have been dropping. Some areas may already be enjoying the quiet beauty of snow landscapes, while others may just now begin to see their first frosts.

Starting today, snowy days may bring something to look forward to in Pikmin Bloom as well! From now on, on days when the weather forecast in your area is snowy, you may be able to find seedlings for Snow Decor Pikmin, which are limited to blue and white Pikmin only!

Now, Niantic couldn’t talk about snow, without mentioning snowmen – it’s almost like the minute they see snow, the devs want to start and build one! Turns out that there are two main types of snowmen: the first is the two-tiered snowman that is often seen in Japan and is said to be based on the Daruma doll motif; the second is the three-tiered snowman that is often seen in the West, which is said to have a more human-like shape with a head, body, and legs.

Next time there’s snow in your area, how about stepping out for a bit to look for Snow Decor Pikmin seedlings? Don’t forget to get a warm coat on, and maybe take some Mitten Decor Pikmin along with you for fun!

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