Relive some of your favorite moments—and moods—from 2023 with the Pokémon Center’s adorable collection of Pokémon Mood figures. Starting in April 2023, one figure was released each month, taking fans on an emotional journey with some of their favorite Pokémon. Relax with Slakoth, get creative (and maybe the slightest bit messy) with Smeargle, or be playful with Phanpy.

There are figures for a variety of moods! Channel that lucky energy with Meowth as it embraces a pile of loot. Feel hopeful seeing Bagon achieve its dreams of flight in tender detail. Welcome a mischievous spirit with Skitty as it makes a mess of things. Be bold like Galarian Farfetch’d as it wields its leek. And last but certainly not least, draw focused inspiration from Meditite as it determinedly pursues a Calm Mind.

Get relaxed, creative, playful, lucky, hopeful, mischievous, bold, and focused with the Pokémon Center!

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