Two bits of news have come out concerning Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, and one of them nets you a distribution in the very near future.

First up, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s update to Ver. 3.0.0 introduced some unintended issues and bugs, and Pokémon Co. will be fixing them with an update to Ver. 3.0.1. The patch, which arrives in late Jan. 2024, will include the following fixes:

  • fix for a bug where the game stops receiving input after levelling up Inkay
  • fix regarding TM materials

The special distribution mentioned above is actually tied to the TM issue introduced in Ver. 3.0.1. As of right now, TM223 requires materials only available in one version of the game, which obviously wasn’t originally intended. To make up for that issue, 10 TM223 (Metal Sound) will be distributed from December 26th 2023 through Mystery Gift -> Receive Via Internet. This will be available until the Ver. 3.0.1 update is released.

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7M ago

One thing I always hated about Gamefreak is how long they take for updates. I mean, every other developer would have the new patch up and running the same day they announce it. But here we are: Waiting a whole month for some bugfixes.
And the whole TM business is so laughable it hurts.