Zen Studios is packing the holiday season with a huge update today! Seven brand-new and two remastered tables will arrive in Pinball FX in just a matter of hours, and you can see the complete breakdown below.

Star Trek™ Pinball Pack

Star Trek™ Pinball: Kelvin Timeline: Experience the vision of the newest trilogy of Star Trek blockbuster movies in this epic table. Join Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise on their mission to discover new civilizations, form alliances and neutralize threats to the Federation.

Star Trek™ Pinball: Discovery: Michael Burnham and the shipmates of the U.S.S. Discovery rely on your pinball prowess, as you play through iconic moments from the first four seasons of the series. Make contact with the residents of 10-C and utilize the time loop for victory!

Star Trek™ Pinball: Deep Space Nine: Travel to the edges of the final frontier and arrive at the space station Deep Space Nine! Use your pinball skills to lead the crew and Captain Benjamin Sisko in ending the Dominion War.

The Star Trek™ Pinball Pack is available for $14.99.

A Charlie Brown Christmas™ Pinball

Find the real meaning of Christmas in A Charlie Brown Christmas™ Pinball! Join the Peanuts crew in putting on a play and decorating the most perfect tree there is.

A Charlie Brown Christmas™ Pinball is available for $5.49.

Game Night Pinball Volume 1

Terraforming Mars Pinball: The race for taming the Red Planet has begun! Run one of the mega-corporations and use your pinball skills to raise the oxygen level, heat up the planet, and create vast oceans on your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Gloomhaven™ Pinball: Delve into the world of Gloomhaven as mercenaries! Infiltrate the Inox Encampment, defeat Jekserah’s army of corpses among other adventures to enter the Void and confront The Gloom!

Exploding Kittens®: A Pinball Cat-astrophe: Complete main modes inspired by the kitty-powered card game, clean the Transdimensional Litter Box, and collect famous Tacocat, Cattermelon, and other cards to get the highest scores.

Game Night Pinball Volume 1 is available for $9.99.

Charity Pack

Support pinball and charity with this two-pack, available for $4.99! The purchase of Epic Quest and Excalibur brings joy to those in need and helps preserve pinball culture, as Zen will donate 50% of proceeds to Project Pinball (United States 46-3417202) and 50% to the Budapest Pinball Museum (Hungary MK/20980/2013) for each sale of this product.

Project Pinball: The Project Pinball Charity Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization that places pinball machines in Children’s Hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, and Assisted Living Facilities to provide recreational relief to patients, family members, and hospital staff. Donating pinball machines since 2011, they have donated pinball machines to hospitals across the United States.

Budapest Pinball Museum: The museum - by now with over 160 pinball and arcade machines - opened its doors in Budapest on April 10, 2014. The museum is considered to be Europe’s biggest interactive pinball museum in continuous operation.

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