Pokémon Co. isn’t messing around, as they’re already announced a new wave of content to kick off 2024 in Pokémon Masters EX.

Hop into Pokémon Masters EX right now to enjoy the “Rising New Year’s Resolutions” Story Event, which is part of the game’s “New Year’s Rally 2024” festivities. This story will take you through the start of the new year in Pasio, with all players getting the Sync Pair of Katherine & Slurpuff. You have until Jan. 16th, 2024 to grab this duo.

That’s not all there is to celebrate the new year, as two new Seasonal Scouts are now available as well. Fire up Pokémon Masters EX and go grab yourself the Sync Pairs of Wallace & Blacephalon and Clair & Drampa.

Next up, a new trainer has been added to Pokémon Masters EX’s Trainer Lodge. For those who’ve obtained Volkner & Steelix already, you can now invite Volkner into the Trainer Lodge and befriend her. If you get the Friendship Level to 100, you will be able to get the new Sync Pair, Volkner & Raichu.

Along with all that comes a new Poké Fair Scout. From now until Feb. 1st, 2023, the Sync Pair of Cynthia & Garchomp will be up for grabs. Then, last but not least, a new story has been added to the Mysterious Stones chapter.

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