Play anywhere, anytime, and with anyone! Electrician Simulator and the Smart Devices DLC are now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Electrician Simulator is a game that focuses on electrical work. Sit back and relax in front of your computer or console and take on the role of a virtual electrician, without the physical risk of electric shock! Learn the secrets of the trade and become the best professional in town!

The Smart Devices DLC includes additional missions, Smart technology repairs, additional gadgets, and a new wireless sensor and switch mechanic to indicate task opportunities.

In the Electrician Simulator, your task is to fix sockets, connect lamps, or create simple electrical installations. Accept repair orders for electrical items in your workshop, disassemble devices into parts, and search for damaged components to replace.

Repairs - Just like in real life, in Electrician Simulator, you will fix broken things, assemble sockets, repair controllers, remotes, speakers, plugs, chandeliers, change light bulbs, and lay wires.

Story - Get to know your clients and solve their problems. With the help of the storyline, feel like a real electrician. Remember to gather all the necessary equipment before meeting the client and make sure you’ve checked everything twice! There’s no room for mistakes!

Orders - What could be more interesting than new challenges? This job is never boring! Regularly check your work inbox and accept various orders! From small tasks to complex electrical installations! Remember to measure your intentions – being an electrician is not a game, and poorly executed orders can have serious consequences! Better not to upset customers.

Workshop - In the heart of the garage, you’ll find your handyman workshop. Repair electrical devices sent to you by customers between standard orders. Receive packages, disassemble devices, replace parts, and find a way to repair them.

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