Boost your brain with four unique chess and puzzle games that will improve your mood and your problem-solving skills! Chess Grandmaster Royal Bundle is available now on the Switch eShop for $10.

Discover the benefits that games that require concentration and analytical thinking can bring you in a light and fun way. In this unmissable package for those who like to challenge their intelligence, you’ll find:

Chess Brain

Draw the correct path and don’t let the King be killed by the opposing pieces. Every second, all the pieces will move. Solve 30 puzzles, some of which may be simple, but others will make you think about every second to come!

Zen Chess Collection

Four minimalist chess puzzle games to test your skills in a series of 600 challenges, designed for both experienced chess players and beginners.

Chess Knights: Shinobi

A turn-based puzzle game inspired by chess. Become a ninja in feudal Japan and prove your skills in the art of infiltration, sabotage and assassination. 50 levels of increasing complexity, plus 10 “surreal” secret levels.

Chess Knights: Viking Lands

Help the knights rescue their kings and queens in the beautiful and dangerous Viking Lands in 40 levels of increasing complexity.


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