Dysmantle has been updated to Ver. 1.3.0 (Pets & Dungeons). You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • (DLC3) New Pets & Dungeons DLC.
  • (DLC1) New content if you have DLC3 Pets & Dungeons.
  • (DLC2) New content if you have DLC3 Pets & Dungeons.


  • Pause menu background doesn’t show the game screen to reduce memory footprint.
  • Showing star in front of all DLC related quests to make them stand out better.
  • (DLC1) Mana Crossbow final upgrade costs 1 less mana shard, down to 4.
  • Bigger new invention notification bubbles in invent screen.
  • Reordered invent screen to make it less cluttered.
  • Reordered inventions in collections screen by ( base game -> dlc1 -> dlc2 -> dlc3 ).
  • Players should find the “Leak at the Peak” quest more easily now. Accessible at crown escape pod.
  • Small terrain changes around Crown to accommodate new quest
  • “You Rip what you Sow” level requirement lowered to 12.


  • A rare crash when entering the Pause Menu.
  • A rare crash when accessing a Link Tower.
  • Fixed spawning to upper corner when exiting the game without saving after fast travelling.
  • Fixed game not transitioning to NewGame+ in Ark Level 3 in some cases.
  • Fixed buried treasure POIs not showing up in minimap after completed.
  • Fixed an issue where “Wicked Leaper” would not activate correctly.
  • Added some death planes to “Pyramid Tomb” for cases where players got stuck.
  • Fixed some wrong medal completion amounts.
  • (DLC1) Added a check to main quest if the player had activated a certain link tower before they were supposed to.
  • (DLC2) Lily recipes were missing tags to mark them as DLC only content.
  • (DLC2) Fixed issues with Recycler not accepting some mana related items.
  • (DLC2) Fixed an issue with main quest phase relating to missile not showing destroyed objects correctly.
  • Memory usage optimizations.

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