Demagog Studio and Untold Tales have announced that The Cub will release on Switch today. Demagog Studio is the Serbian and Tokyo-based collective behind the poignant yet zen post-apocalyptic Golf Club: Nostalgia and the whimsical, flooded-Earth explorer Highwater.

In The Cub, the team is returning to the same neon-lit, satirical dystopian ruined Earth just after the events of Golf Club Nostalgia. Continue the saga in this Jungle Book meets the armageddon fusion. Platform parkour through the remains of humanity as an evolved child being hunted by those who fled to Mars decades ago but have returned and have set their sights on you.

And keeping you company once again through the journey is the smooth-voiced radio host of Radio Nostalgia from Mars with a collection of stories, apocalypse-wave tunes, and Mars living announcements to paint the picture of this dystopian world.

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