Seeing Another Code: Recollection revealed for Switch was a bittersweet moment for multiple reasons. On the sweet side of things, it was fantastic seeing that both of these titles were getting a second chance to find success outside of their original DS and Wii launches. Second, those of us in America would finally get a chance to play the second installment in this series, which never got released outside of Japan and Europe. Then there comes the bitter part…

Some of you know that both titles in Another Code: Recollection were developed by CiNG, a developer that worked on a number of quirky, smaller adventure/visual novel-style games in the 2000s. Sadly, CiNG ended up closing shop in 2010, which led many to believe the company’s games would be lost to time. Thankfully, that’s not the case thanks to Another Code: Recollection.

Delving even further into the bittersweet side of things is the fact that former CiNG staff has reunited to help put together Another Code: Recollection. We recently learned that Arc System Works handled development on the title, but now we know original CiNG staff Rika Suzuki, Taisuke Kanasaki and Takuya Miyagawa were involved as well.

While it’s still sad that CiNG closed their doors over a decade ago, it’s wonderful to see a small handful of the company’s people come back to help create Another Code: Recollection. Let’s hope it’s not the last time we see members of the shuttered studio reunite for a project.

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