When it comes to the Ace Attorney series, recent output has been focused on collections and remakes. There’s been plenty of love for the Ace Attorney series, but not so much when it comes to fresh installments. While new ways to play old favorites are great, some fans are hungry for what’s next.

While Capcom isn’t ready to share full details on where the Ace Attorney series goes from here, it’s very clear they do have plans. 4Gamer had the opportunity to chat with Capcom’s Kenichi Hashimoto about all things Ace Attorney, and that lead to discussion of the future of the series. According to Hashimoto’s the next step for Ace Attorney is very much a “when” and not an “if.”

Specifically, Hashimoto said that the “Ace Attorney series will not be stopping,” which is about as cut-and-dry answer as you can give. It certainly sounds like Capcom is tinkering away right now on whatever’s next for the franchise, but at the very least, it’s good to know that there’s more in the pipeline for this seminal visual novel franchise.

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6M ago

*looks at when last new Ace Attorney game was made*

I think it already stopped.


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6M ago

So that basically means a Miles Edgeworth: Investigations collection next? I'd be fine with that.