SMITE Year 11 goes live with 3 new events and more

Has it really been 11 years already?!

23 January 2024
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Today, SMITE enters its Year 11 with the biggest bang—introducing three events all including content compatible with the highly anticipated SMITE 2! The most competitive mode, Conquest, features dozens of changes in both visuals and mechanics: falling comets yielding a valuable artifact, teleporters to send you across the map, a Jungle shop, quests to upgrade your Relics, and so much more.

The multigenerational leap from SMITE to SMITE 2 begins now—introducing Divine Legacy! Live today, this event honors your achievements and spending over the past decade of SMITE. For each year, your Gods mastered, Ranked matches played, Skins unlocked, and hours spent fighting the Gods are tallied to grant you awesome rewards in both SMITE and SMITE 2!

In SMITE, your Divine Legacy can yield prestigious T4 and T5 Skins—which you even get to pick from a vast selection—and year-based player titles. If you get the “Closed Beta Ace” title, prepare to flex! In SMITE 2, the Divine Legacy rewards include 10 classic SMITE Skins ported to the Unreal Engine 5 sequel as well as over 65 Legacy Badges.

With this year-based structure, all SMITE matches you play as of today make you progress along Year 11 in your Divine Legacy!

Year 11 Conquest Map

The next SMITE goddess, Nut, has reshaped the battleground with a cosmic touch refreshing the Conquest experience entirely.

Visually, many elements of the Order base float amongst the stars while the Chaos side is now backed by a wall of living lava, becoming a true forge of titans.

On the gameplay front, watch out for new Celestial Comets falling from the skies! Dropping onto semi-random locations, comets can be attacked to release Indra’s Scepter—a returning fan-favorite! After picking up the Scepter, it acts as a mini-turret pet zapping nearby enemies. Comets are active now in Conquest and all other SMITE modes.

Nut’s additions also include two Celestial Portals on opposite sides of the Conquest Map. Fueled by the energy of the Gods who step on it, either Portal will teleport them to its counterpart. Make sure you exercise good judgment when porting away: caveats include a warm-up time and a reveal effect, plus a long cooldown that essentially makes teleporting a one-way trip.

The SMITE Year 11 consumer trend is Jungle Shopping! The Cyclops Rogues roaming the jungle now grant access to the Item Shop when defeated. Players can spend their hard-earned gold at this new Jungle Shop—no extra cost, no hidden fee! This is your regular Item Shop, just saving you a trip back to base. And sometimes that is just what you will need to build a bit more momentum and start snowballing.

Was it jealousy, boredom, or a healthier self-growth endeavor? The Fire Giant has been hard at work to increase his personal skills for Year 11. From his pit at the heart of the Conquest Jungle, he will proudly present his new Firefall ability to any God challenging him. This slow-moving beam of—you guessed it—fire heals himself for the damage done. Be sure to stay out of its way! Our dearest FG brings a second new mechanic to the fight: an Effigy that spawns when he gets hurt. We recommend you destroy the Effigy as soon as possible as that will grant you a buff to overcome the Fire Giant and help your team secure the last hit.

First Cross-Gen Pass: Dusk and Dawn

Battle Passes will now be Cross-Gen Passes! The Cross-Gen system in SMITE refers to the compatibility of in-game items in both SMITE and SMITE 2. After linking accounts, all purchased Skins will be unlocked instantly in SMITE and upon release in SMITE 2.

Thus Year 11 releases the first-ever Cross-Gen Pass: Dusk and Dawn. For 600 gems, Cross-Gen Passes grant 100 rewards through 50 levels, including cosmetics and Cross-Gen Skins. The first of them, Blight Hound Anubis and Dawn Spirit Yemoja, are out now. They can be unlocked in SMITE 1 and will then be unlocked in SMITE 2 as soon as the game is out.

As with Battle Passes, once you have unlocked the Cross-Gen Pass: Dusk and Dawn you simply need to play some SMITE matches to claim your rewards.

First Cross-Gen Event: Immortal Honor

With the Immortal Honor major event, two new Cross-Gen Skins will be released every Update all throughout Year 11 along four chapters. The Immortal Honor in-game hub is also the place to look at for sneak previews of the Gods coming soon in SMITE 2…

To kick things off, Firefly Sol and Blobmir Ymir are out now! As Cross-Gen Skins, they will also be unlocked in SMITE 2 as soon as the game is out.

New items & mechanics

Back to gameplay features again, Year 11 has brought an overhaul of Relics. All of them can be upgraded for free by completing in-game quests—a feature based on the popular Recipes from last Season. What’s more, Relics now have only one strong upgrade path, and many are buffed or have new effects. A brand-new relic, Divine Barrier, deploys a wall that hinders enemy attack projectiles going through it.

In the very early game, three new Shards (Golden, Sturdy, and Vibrant) provide new ways to get the edge on your lane.

Even Wards get renewed with the Year 11 Update with two additional types. Proximity Wards detonate to slow and reveal enemies while Raven Wards travel across the map granting unobstructed vision. Both new Wards add depth to the vision control battle in SMITE and open up new creative playstyles.

Stacking items changed as well, now progressing through in-game questing rather than last-hitting minions.

Year 11 brings two new Glyphs, expensive late game upgrades to Tier 3 items. The Envenomed Executioner plagues your enemies while the Devoted Deathbringer grants additional Power when you exceed 100% crit chance – the perfect excuse to go for cheeky full crit builds!

Finally, lifesteal is getting a major system rework—increased against Gods but reduced otherwise. While this discourages passive regeneration on lane minions and Jungle monsters, you now get to sustain your way through whole teamfights with enough lifesteal and damage output! New lifesteal items complement this change, such as Crimson Claws converting lifesteal into a shield at full health, and Rejuvenating Heart reworked to grant nearby allies a percentage of the health that you steal.

All competitive rankings have been hard-reset. Now is the time for a new start with a clean slate. Can you make the most of all those Year 11 features and reach unprecedented heights? You can find the full patch notes for the Year 11 update here.

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