Onion Games previously announced Stray Children for Switch; a new RPG was originally going to release in Japan Winter 2023. That obviously didn’t pan out, and now Onion Games is saying the title will arrive sometime in 2024 as the team takes time to “seriously think about the future of Stray Children.”

In order to better gauge what needs to be done to make Stray Children a success, Onion Games has also opened a survey, and it’s available in both English and Japanese. The survey covers topics like release format, merchandise and events, additional platforms, and crowdfunding, and you can participate here.

Stray Children is a bittersweet fairytale RPG, created by many of the same people behind some of your favorite cult-classics like Chulip, Little King’s Story, Rule of Rose, Super Mario RPG, and, of course, moon. The plan is to release Stray Children worldwide for Switch at some point.

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