Global game publisher CFK (headed by Chang-sig Koo) is proud to announce today (1/1) that Eastern fantasy manic shooter Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage is heading to Switch sometime in the first half of 2024. Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage, developed by Korean indie game company Deerfarm, is a vertically scrolling shoot’em up (bullet hell) game set to an Eastern background, centered around a plot where our protagonists must avoid the attacks of the youkai who have escaped from hell, collect souls, and then topple their foes with their powerful attacks.

Featuring the Shingiwonyo (신기원요/伸妓寃妖), Chang-gui (창귀), and other mythical creatures from Korean folk legend, Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage presents a creative reimagining of this material as it reworks the youkai from Korean traditional stories into bosses with unique designs.

The team behind the 2017 Shikhondo: Soul Eater are now working with CFK to produce the ‘perfected version’ of this game as Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage by improving gameplay and adding in new modes to take the game to the next level, planning to bring it to a new global audience on Steam and the Nintendo Switch™. Together, they plan to make the game more accessible to all players, from casual gamers to manic shooter enthusiasts alike.

Among the popular entries into the manic shooter genre, Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage stands out as a rare entry by a Korean publisher with its unique setting that players are hard-pressed to find among other shoot’em up games. Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage stays faithful to the manic shooter genre with all its colorful bullets and fast, sharp gameplay while also introducing its own unique system to spice things up.

In addition to this, Shikhondo: Youkai Rampage will be made more accessible to users by adding things like difficulty scaling with player skill, new modes, and a new tutorial, allowing everyone from shoot’em up pros to casual players to approach this game without worry.

Thanks to the global players who poured out their support for the original game, Shikhondo will return in its perfected form, sporting a ‘Soul Collect’ system where players must skim by enemy attacks to collect more souls and turn the tides of battle, a new variety of game modes and difficulties, a reworked customized mode, new stages, added Korean voice acting, all sorts of new options, and more.


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